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R. David Marchetti

Trey C. Dellinger- Employers, Get a handle now on compliance!

Trey C. Dellinger- Do Officials Have the Power to Prevent the Spread of Ebola?

Mississippi Hospitality and Restaurant Association's "2013 Restaurant University" presentation on the subject of the Employer Mandate
under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act- July 2013- Trey C. Dellinger
Presentation at the annual meeting of the Mississippi Association of Health Underwriters on the subject of Ethics and Civil Liability- June 2013- Trey C. Dellinger

"Tax Tips on Tipping for Restaurant Owners" - Mississippi Hospitality and Restaurant Association Fall 2012 Newsletter- R. David Marchetti
"Use of Family Business Entities to Hold Timer Assets"- Tree Talk Magazine Winter Issue 2011- R. David Marchetti

"Keeping Your Church Out of Court”, 2010 edition - Contributing Editor Published by the Mississippi Baptist Convention Board- Kelly D. Simpkins

"The Curious Case of Kevin Trudeau: King Catch Me if You Can”, 79 MISS. L.J. 1043 (2010)- Catherine B. Bell

"Section 1983 Litigation: An Overview” (MDLA Quarterly, Fall, 2010)- Leo J. Carmody, Jr.

"Removal Jurisdiction: A Primer and Refresher (Part 1 of 3)" The MDLA Quarterly, Vol. 33, No. 2 (Summer 2009)- Richard G. Norris

"Removal Jurisdiction: A Tool in Combatting Forum Manipulation through Improper (or Fraudulent) Joinder (Part 2 of 3)" The MDLA Quarterly, Vol. 33, No. 4 (Winter 2009)- Richard G. Norris

"A Practical Note on an Insured's Assignment of its Bad Faith Claim Against the Insurer", The MDLA Quarterly, Vol. 33, No. 1 (Spring 2009)- Richard T. Conrad

"The Truth Shall Set You Free … Assuming, Of Course, That The Other Side Lied About It In The First Place” (MDLA Quarterly, Fall 2009)- Leo J. Carmody

"Who Said Love Doesn't Cost A Thing? The Continuing Viability of Alienation of Affection Claims” (MDLA Quarterly, Spring 2008)- Leo J. Carmody

ERISA Survey of Federal Circuits- Co-author Fifth Circuit Section -2005, 2007, 2010 Published by the American Bar Association Tort Trial & Insurance Practice Section (ABA TIPS) – Kelly D. Simpkins

"Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged?” (MDLA Quarterly, Spring 2006)- Leo J. Carmody

"Stone Broke and Loving It! A Beginner's Guide to Federal Bankruptcy Jurisdiction” (MDLA Quarterly, Summer 2005)- Leo J. Carmody

"Are Settlement Agreements Discoverable?" The MDLA Quarterly, Vol. 29, No. 1 (Spring 2005)- Richard T. Conrad

"Meaningful Judicial Review", 22 Miss. C. L. Rev. 2002, 22, 2002- Kevin A. Rogers

"Working with Expert Witnesses",The Docket, May/June 1989- Betty B. Arinder

"The Arline Decision As Applied To Aids Victims - Shield Or Sword", MississippiCollege Law Review, Fall, 1988- Thomas M. Louis

Mississippi Author of "Sales & Use Tax Desk Book", American Bar Association- James S. Armstrong

Mississippi Author of "State Taxation of Banks and Thrift Institutions", American Bar Association – James S. Armstrong


"Debt Cancellation Class Action: Status, Defenses & Response"- Consumer Credit Industry Association: 61st Annual Meeting & Industry Convention- May 2012- Walter D. Willson

Mississippi Association of Self Insurers Conference 2012, "Legal Loose Ends- A Discussion of Statue of Limitations and Ex Parte Communication Basics”- Michelle B. Mims

Landlord-Tenant Law Seminar, 2012- Kevin A. Rogers

Insurance Day at MississippiStateUniversity, April 2012 , "Estate and Gift Tax Update"Presentation to the Mississippi Judicial College and the Mississippi Conference of Chancery Court Judges Spring Conference- 2012- R. David Marchetti

Advanced Collection Law Seminar, 2012- Kevin A. Rogers

Mississippi Workers' Compensation Educational Conference 2010, 2011 and 2012- Roxanne P. Case

"Suicide: Nuts, Bolts and Nooses”- International Claims Association 2011Annual Conference– Kelly D. Simpkins

"Dodd-Frank Preemption"- Consumer Credit Industry Association: Fall Committee Meeting- October 2011- Walter D. Willson
"Dodd-Frank Concurrent Authority of Federal Agencies"- Consumer Credit Industry Association: Fall Committee Meeting- October 2011- Walter D. Willson
"Debt Cancellation Products and Class Actions" - Regulatory Seminar- May 2011- Walter D. Willson

Commercial and Residential Landlord-Tenant Law Seminar, 2011- Kevin A. Rogers

Eighth Annaul Landlord-Tenant Law Seminar, 2011- Kevin A. Rogers

Panelist for legal Super Conference- September 14-16, 2011- "Trial Tips and Strategies", Mississippi Pharmacy Law, Mississippi Pharmacist Association, Thomas M. Louis

"Misrepresentations and Rescissions" - International Claim Association 2010 Annual Conference- Kelly D. Simpkins

"Coverage Issues Arising Out of Hurricane Katrina”- Best Insurance Law Podcast, 2007

"Recent Developments Concerning Debt Protection Instruments”, Consumer Credit Insurance Association 56th Annual Meeting, 2007- Kelly D. Simpkins

Mississippi Workers' Compensation 3-Part Course4/2006 –"Claims Forms and Reporting Requirements”- Roxanne P. Case

"Pharmacist Malpractice”,Mississippi Pharmacists Association, February 27, 2005- Thomas M. Louis

"Pharmacist Malpractice”, Mississippi Pharmacists Association, March 6, 2005- Thomas M. Louis

"Current Developments in Fiduciary Administration", Mississippi BankersAssociationTrust Conference, November 4, 2004- R. David Marchetti

"Developments in Pharmacy Law” - Seminar XIV, Mock Trial: Direct and Cross Examination of the Pharmacy Liability Expert Witness, Las Vegas, Nevada 2004- Thomas M. Louis

Mississippi Estate Planning, Lorman Educational Services, 2001 – 2003- R. David Marchetti

"Expert Witness Examinations”, American Society for Pharmacy Law, 2003- Thomas M. Louis

"Probate Practice Fundamentals”, University Of Mississippi, March 7, 2003- R. David Marchetti

"Complete Trust Workshop", Professional Education Systems, Inc., 2001 – 2002- R. David Marchetti
"Defending Predatory Lending Class Actions and Mass Actions"- Consumer Credit Industry Annual Meeting 2001- Walter D. Willson
"Bad Faith Litigation in Mississippi”, National Business Institute, 2000- Kenna L. Mansfield, Jr.

"Investment Responsibilities of Trustees,Guardians, Conservators and Executors" Estate Planning, National Business Institute, 1997 – 2000- R. David Marchetti

"Family Limited Partnerships in Mississippi”, National Business Institute, 1997- R. David Marchetti

Annual Estate Planning Seminars co-sponsored by MississippiCollegeSchool of Law & the Estate Planning Council of Mississippi- R. James Young

"Liability and Asset Protection Planning for Mississippi Pharmacists”- R. James Young and R. David Marchetti

"Liability and Asset Protection Planning for Mississippi Pharmacists"- Philip A. Gunn

"Liability and Asset Protection Planning for Mississippi Pharmacists”- Guest Columnist in the Mississippi Pharmacist Journal- Thomas M. Louis





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